What we offer

We are an audio recording, mixing and editing company located in Minneapolis, MN. We can handle project small and large, whether that be a single song, an audio book, or even voiceovers for commercials. Take a look at our services below and then send us a message to get your free consultation.

Audio Recording

Vocalists can expect knowledgeable engineers to effectively record their vocals in a comfortable environment using industry standard microphones whether it be for an audiobook, voiceovers, or rapping/singing for a song. Vocalists can also look forward to a fluid-like experience from the moment they walk into the studio and record untill the moment they walk out feeling like, “that was the take.”

Mixing & Editing

After the recording process comes the editing and mixing process. This is optional for the client but highly recommended for a better quality product. Editing and mixing is the process of getting leveled volumes, deleting pops, clicks, and other unwanted sounds, adding effects, among other steps that can take time. Leave it up to us to provide this service in a timely and professional manner.